Don't stress if you are going to miss out on camping and hiking this summer because of a vacation or work. Instead, I suggest booking your spring to visit some Quebec Provincial Parks since you can do all the same activities and have just as much fun, minus the blazing sun and sunburns!

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Quebec is home to stunning Provincial Parks that are all perfect locations to go camping at this spring with your friends. Not only can you basically do all the summer activities, but you can also enjoy the flowers blooming and the fresh air!

1. Enjoy The Fresh Air At La Mauricie National Park

If you want to explore over 150 lakes, then this is the park for you! Not only do they have gorgeous lake views, but they also have waterfalls and multiple places to go kayaking through the golden leaves of fall.

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2. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Mont Megantic National Park

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Once again, if you enjoy stunning views and camping along mountains then you can also hit up Mont Megantic National Park for a wonderful fall camping experience.

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3. Enjoy The Fresh  Air At Grands-Jardins National Park

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Be adventurous and camp on the side of a mountain in this fantastic park! Not only are the views amazing, but the hiking is great and perfect for adventurous friends!

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4. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Mingan Archipelago National Park

Wildlife in the park includes beavers, foxes, black bears puffins grey seals, minke, whales, dolphins and moose. limestone bedrock it's one of Canada's most spectacular natural monuments.

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5. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Plaisance National Park

For beautiful fall sunsets, campfires, and marshmallow roasting, then this is the park for you! The views are stunning and you will have a magical fall time with your friends!

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6. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park

If you enjoy nature at it's finest and love animals, then I suggest going camping in Saguenay with some of your friends this fall! Not only is the landscape beautiful in the fall but you can even go whale watching!

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7. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Forillon National Park

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For some beautiful hiking trails and observations of over 7 species of whales, the Forillin park is drop dead gorgeous! This park includes stunning views of cliffs and if you are up to it even more stunning views from cliffs over looking the water!

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8. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Bic National Park

When you are desperate for that ocean smell but summer is far gone, don't worry! Bic National Park is open for camping in the fall along the ocean. You can enjoy some of the worlds most beautiful sunsets.

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9. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Jacques Cartier National Park

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For a magical camping experience along red and orange filled mountains, I suggest checking out Jacques Cartier National Park. This park features moose, deer, foxes, wolves, bears, and over 100 different types of birds.

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10. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Oka National Park

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or a completely great fall camping experience, I suggest looking into Oka! Oka isn;t only a natural beauty, but it is also stunning historically! You truly can't go wrong camping here this fall

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11. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Anticosti National Park

Since you have seen surreal places in Montreal this summer, I think that it's about time you check some out in the fall! Anticosti offers huge cliffs, ocean views, canyons, water falls and much more to give you a majestic camping experience.

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12. Enjoy The Fresh Air At Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park

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Hike your life away this fall and be sure not to fall in some of the deepest gorges East of the Rockies. Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park is known for their stunning views and intense hiking trails that are perfect for the fall.

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