I don't often get tempted to rent with AirBnb, but after looking around for awhile I realized that there are some pretty amazing places around Canada you can rent for about the same price as a fancy hotel room.

Only these places offer far more than just a room to put your stuff. They offer breathtaking views, beautiful accommodations, unique features and an overall unbelievable experience.

So forget about hotels and stay at one of these amazing hidden Canadian gems instead.

Indoor/Outdoor Bed & Breakfast

$115 CAD - Salt Spring Island, BC

Why waste interior space with a bathroom when you can just put it outside. That seems to be what these people were thinking when they built this place.

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Photo cred - Airbnb

Private Island

$245 CAD - Dwight, ON

Why rent a hotel room when you can have an entire island to yourself instead? You won't need to bring a tent either because this island has a amazing cabin nestled in the woods.

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Cozy Cabin

$89 CAD - Sechelt, BC

This cabin is listed among Airbnb's top choices. It's cheap, it's cozy and it's absolutely gorgeous.

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Rotating House

$227 CAD - North Rustico, P.E.I.

Tired of always having the same view? Well in this place you can close your eyes for a few minutes and be treated to a whole new vantage point. That's because the entire house sits atop a giant turntable.

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$550 CAD - Durham, ON

This tree house will definitely make all your friends jealous, so if you weren't lucky enough to have one  as a kid, make up for it by staying inside this amazing "grownup" tree house. Okay so this one is pretty expensive but it was too awesome to leave off the list. Sorry.

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Train Caboose

$145 CAD - Flat River, P.E.I.

Here's your chance to stay in an actual train caboose. It even sits on train tracks.

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Photo cred - Airbnb

Dome House

$109 CAD - Duncan, BC

As soon as I saw the layout of this place, I knew it had to be included on the list. For less than the price of a hotel, you get your own private sea-side dome.

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Perched Cabin

$125 CAD - Plantagenet, ON

All the feeling of camping in the wood, with all the luxuries and comforts of home. That's what "Glamping" in this perched cabin is all about.

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Flintstones House

$140 CAD - Mayne Island, BC

The only way to describe this cottage is that is it a real life version of the Flintstones house combined with the mushroom homes from the smurfs.

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Mongolian Yurt

$109 CAD - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

If you're looking for unique, it doesn't get better than this. You get to stay in your own geniune Mongolian Yurt and if you book it at the proper time you'll get treated to a light show like no other.

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Schoolbus Loft

$85 CAD - North Hatley, Québec

I don't even care what this place looks like on the inside, it's a freakin' schoolbus!!!! Oh but don't worry the inside is pretty awesome too.

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