Ah yes, with summer coming to an end, it's about time that you plan a girls night out with your squad! If you haven't already, then I strongly recommend checking out the list below for some easy, simple, and cheap ways to go out with all your friends before school starts.

Montreal is home to multiple places to go out and party with your friends and below are some Montreal girls favourites and some of my personal favourites as well! So get texting nd hit up your closest BFFS before the nice weather escapes us!

1. Have A Girls Night Out At La Belle Et La Boeuf For Sangria

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Price: $25-35

1620 Rue Ste-Catherine O

If you and your squad just absolutely loves sangria, then La Belle Et La Boeuf is the place for you! There are over 6 different flavours that each of your BFF's can get and trust me, they are delicious! This is a great place to have some drinks and laugh with your squad before summers over!


2. Have A Girls Night Out At Terrasse Nelligan For A Classy Time

Price: $30-40

106 Rue Saint Paul O

Terrasse Nelligan is a great spot for you and your girls t get classy! You can dress nice and enjoy drinks on the terrasse rooftop and some of their delightful fish tacos. It's a great place for a cute girls night out or for any special occasion.


3. Have A Girls Night Out At C'Chocolat For Desert

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Price: $20-25

1255 Rue Bishop

For some sweet treats with your sweet girls, I suggest checking out C'Chocolat! They have multiple funky drinks and deserts but their most popular has to be their chocolate bomb! You and your BFFS can talk over and enjoy some delicious drinks, sweets, and most importantly chocolate!


4. Have A Girls Night Out At Café Choco-Latté "Chocos" For Deep Convos

Price: $20-30

1870 Av Dollard, LaSalle

For some well needed deep conversations with your closest girls, I suggest heading down to Chocos! This simple little La Salle café is honestly adorable and one of my favorite places! The service is superb, the food is delightful, and the atmosphere is cozy and intimate to have those nice convos with your girls.

5. Have A Girls Night Out At Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant For Snacks

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Price: $25-30

The Canal near Atwater Avenue.

The Canal Lounge Cafe Flottant is a perfect location for a cute little girls night out during the summer and fall. You and your girls can enter the boat for free and enjoy some delicious snacks at low prices. It is absolutely stunning and perfect for everyone.


6. Have A Girls Night Out At Terrasse St. Ambroise For Beer And Biking

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Price: $20-25

5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise

If you and your squad want to go on a little biking adventure then I recommend biking down to Terrasse St. Ambroise. Not only is the bike ride along the canal absolutely stunning but it leads right down to Terrasse St. Ambroise where you can enjoy some delicious beer and snack until 3 am!


7. Have A Girls Night Out At Boozy Brunch For Mimosas

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Price: $40-50

364 Rue de la Commune East

This isn't really a girls night out but you can stay from brunch until 3am at Terrasse Bonsecours on every Sunday until the summer is over. Boozy brunches are super fun and a great excuse to stay drunk all day. You can feel classy while being wasted all day with your squad.


8. Have A Girls Night Out At Le Passé Composé For Brunch

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Price: $25-40

950 Roy E

Le Passé Composé is as classy brunch that may not exactly be the place for a "night out" but it's a great place for after that "night out" you just had with your girls. They offer homemade gnocci, pancetta chips, duck confit eggs Benedict, prosciutto grilled cheese, and much more that you and your BFFs must try.


9. Have A Girls Night Out At The Bar A Beurre For High Tea

Price: $25-35

350 Rue Notre-Dame E

Feel fancy with your BFFS and check out some high tea at Bar A Buerre. You may have thought that this was simply a bakery, but they actually offer high tea for you and your squad.  This is super fun and a great way to feel fancy AF with your friends.


10. Have A Girls Night Out At Resto-Cafe Shahrazad For Shisha

Price: $20-25

1242 rue crescent

One of my personal favourite place for some Shisha happens to be Resto-Cafe Shahrazad. This is a great place to sit and loaf with your friends over some delicious shisha and even play some Backgammon! It's super fun and relaxing plus it's only $15!


11. Have A Girls Night Out At Bevo For Pizza

Price: $30-40

410 St Vincent St

For pizza right out of the wooden oven that will make you feel like you are in Italy, you and your girls need to check out Bevo in Old Montreal. Not only is the location beautiful but the food is delicious and it's a great place for a cute girls night out!


12. Have A Girls Night Out At Suwu For Anything And Everything

Price: $30-40

3581 Boul St-Laurent

Suwu may technically only be a bar, but you can do just about anything there! You can go clubbing at night, for boozy brunch in the morning, or to just chill out in the afternoon for lunch. Suwu has a hipster vibe and it is truly a carefree environment that you and your girls can truly enjoy!


13. Have A Girls Night Out At Joverse For Drinks

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Price: $30-40

Joverse is a cute and sophisticated bar/night club where you and your girls can enjoy some low-key drinks and a great night. The waiters are super cute, the service is great, and the music always has modern and throw-back songs. I honestly always have a blast when I go there with my girls and trust me, you won't regret it.

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