Happy legalization day Montrealers! This weekend is going to be an exicting one, not only because of legalization, but also because fall is in full swing.

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TL;DR Listed below are 13 things you can do this weekend in Montreal. Some of them cater specifically to those looking to celebrate cannabis legalization today.

Some key events this week: Montreal's Vegan Festival at Palais de Congres which is going down on Saturday and Sunday. Also a vintage and antique bazaar happening in Rosemont at Église St-Jean-Berchmans.

That said, although temperatures are dropping rapidly, the trees are absolutely stunning and just going outside for a long walk is an activity in itself. 

Hope everyone bundles up and has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 19th

1. Check out Montreal's premiere "Horror Movie Festival" kicking off this week!

When: October 18th - 27th
Where: Club Soda (and some other locations)

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2. Check out an art show at the Société des arts technologiques [SAT]

When: Friday October 20th // 8:30 p.m.
Where: SAT 

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3. Check out an exclusive screening of Blade Runner 2049 in English

When: Friday, October 19th
Where: Cinéma Moderne // 5150 boul. St-Laurent

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4. Check out the LGBT Film Series at gallery Never Apart

When: Friday, October 19th // 6 - 9 p.m.
Where: Never Apart // 7049 Rue Saint-Urbain

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Saturday, October 20th

1. Check out the weekly pop-up "farmers' market" at Marché Des Éclusiers

Where: Marché Des Éclusiers
When: Every Saturday at 3 p.m. until October 27th

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2. Attend Montreal's premiere "vegan festival" for free! 

Where: Palais Des Congres
When: October 20th & 21st

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3. Get great deals on designer clothing and footwear brands at this "studio sale" 

When: Saturday, October 20th
Where: White Wall Studio Montreal // 4532 avenue Laval

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4. Check out this huge vintage & antique bazaar at Église St-Jean-Berchmans

When: Saturday, October 21st
Where: Église St-Jean-Berchmans

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5. Attend a massive vinyl expo "Le Salon Du Disque"  

When: Saturday, October 21st
Where: 5035 Rue St-Dominique 

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Sunday, October 21st

1. Check out the beautiful "Lantern Festival" at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

Where: Montreal Botanical Gardens
When: Open from September 8 until October 31, 2018.

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2. Celebrate legalization at Tam Tams this weekend!

When: Sunday October 22nd
Where: Tam Tams // Mont Royal

3. Check out "adoption day" at Le Doggy Cafe!

When: Sunday October 21st 
Where: Le Doggy Café // 4701 St Denis

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4. Check out the fall colours at the most underrated but beautiful parks in the city

Where: Rene Levesque Park // Lachine
When: Anytime!

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