Ah yes, competitions, the greatness that comes along with some relationships. If you are like me and you find yourself in a competitive relationship wondering what you can do in Montreal this summer then this list is perfect for you. The list below composes of great activities that you and your special someone can do and compete against each other.

In all these activities, you and your BF or GF can see who wins and who looses at mind games, strength games, accuracy games, and artistic games. But, to raise the stakes, I suggest making bets on who has to buy who dinner or so on... I mean it just makes it more fun!

So, get ready to beat your partners ass in some of these amazing competitive games and activities in Montreal!

1. Beat Your Partner At Rock Climbing

1555 Rue St-Patrick

Why not go rock climbing with your special someone and see who could climb the highest or the fastest! This is a great activity to do when you are in a competitive relationship since you can have fun while winning against your GF or Bf. A very well known establishment that is a perfect location for your victory is Allez Up. It’s fun and you’ll have a blast with your lover.


2. Beat Your Partner At Go Carting

5592 hochelaga / 2025 autoroute 440

Montreal’s largest go-carting track is called Action 500 where you can speed race against that special someone. I canhonestly say, based on personal experience, that their go-carting is great when you are in a competitive relationship! You can see yourself win according to how many laps you did and what your average speed was. So make your date eat your dust!


3. Beat Your Partner At Paint Balling

A photo posted by @aline_assaf on

230 rue Notre-Dame

Paint balling is yet another perfect activity when you are in a competitive relationship. But here in Montreal it's not just regular paint balling… This is paint balling on a secret island located in the St. Lawrence River. So you and your BF and your bf can go head to head against each other or you can go on the same team and kick ass together on the private island with over 2 400 000 square feet of fun!


4. Beat Your Partner At Archery Combat

3955 rue De Rouen

Archery combat is very similar to dodge ball  and  paintball since they all have the same rules and goals.  In other words, it is basically Archery tag where you must eliminate your enemies aka your BF or GF. The Montreal location, Combat d'Archers Montréal, is a 10,000 sq/ft arena that includes obstacles. You are armed and protected while having a crazy time with your special someone.


6. Beat Your Partner At Surfing

Suite 01, 9520 Boulevard Leduc

Ah yes, surfing, the great sport that comes along with summer. Well in Montreal we have an indoor arena! I suggest hitting up Brossard’s Oasis Surfing! It’s a indoor surfing complex with a bar and restaurant! So you can hit the waves and see who can stay up the longest between you and your GF or BF.


7. Beat Your Partner At Karaoke

A photo posted by Lou (@lou_tmh) on

1218 Ste Catherine est

Beat your special someone karaoke style! Karaoke in Montreal is a blast and you and your date will have a good drunk laugh at some of Montreal’s best karaoke bars. I suggest Le Date Karaoke! It’s a great time and you will all have a blast! You can compete based on who sings the best!


8. Beat Your Partner At Painting

A photo posted by paintnite (@paintnite) on

For those artistic and less sporty couples, I suggest hitting up Paint the Nite! Paint the Nite is an event spread all around the world where you can socialize, paint and drink it up with your special someone. Montreal gladly hosts multiple events at local bars.

Simply go on their website and choose an event, which has a specific theme, and buy your tickets. The bars are located all around Montreal from Boulevard St Laurent to Point-Claire in the West Island. You guys can compete based on who has the nicer painting!


9. Beat Your Partner At An Escape Game

3550 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you dig mysteries, try one of Montreal’s escape games! They are escape games in the sense that you have to solve puzzles, find clues, and use codes to escape and solve mysteries. You can compete with your partner against the odds or you can compete against your partner by seeing who can find the most clues or solves the most mysteries.

My personal favorite is the challenging A/maze game! It’s so difficult that only 10% have ever finished it. So get your thinking cap on!


10. Beat Your Partner At Kick Boxing

486 ST. CATHERINE W. #305

Kick your partners ass and beat them at kick boxing! You can measure who wins by who can make the most kicks, who can kick the hardest, or who is the most sore the next day! This is a great way to release stress and have fun with your partner.


11. Beat Your Partner At Jogging Up Mount Royal

This is very simple... See which one of you can run up Mount Royal the fastest before summer ends! I suggest having the loser buy the winner some well deserved ice cream.

12. Beat Your Partner At Arcade Games

1381 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Ah yes, good old arcade games are a great way to defeat your partner! At Amusement 2000 Plus in Montreal's Down Town area, you and that special someone can go old school and see who is the bigger gamer.

13. Beat Your Partner At Cooking

1751 Richardson Rue

Bring your date to a cooking class to prepare them for defeat! Check out Montreal’s Chef En Vous for a great culinary experience! It’s a great activity where you can see who wins by who has the best food!


14. Beat Your Partner At Mini Putting

1259 Rue Guy

The easy way to have fun and see who wins at an activity is by going to Putting Edge Centre-Ville. This glow in the dark mini putting location is perfect to have an easy win against your partner. It is fun, quick, and simple!


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