Friends, sometimes the struggle is real for you and for your S/O. Sometimes you guys have responsibilities and budgets and, straight up, sometimes you just don't have a square to spare (anyone catch that reference?) for a date night.

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Which is chill, except that you and bae shouldn't have to put aside your special alone time because of your financial situations. Luckily, in Montreal, we have tons of super fun things that you guys can do together... for absolutely no money.

1. Are you and your significant other into VR? Then check out the Phi Centre's Virtual Reality garden, free admission until November 20.

2. If you two are the artsy type, then take a stroll down St. Laurent Boulevard to peep all the gorgeous murals. Snapchat your faves.

3. Or else go get your culture on at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, free entrance every last Sunday of the month.

4. Stroll hand-in-hand through Marche Jean-Talon, and admire all the fresh and colourful produce.

5. Then stop off at the Guinguette Shamrock public space to play a game of bocce together.

6. On a Sunday, get you and bae to the tam-tams, and bask in the pure good vibes.

7. Then check out any one of these romantic spots to watch airplanes land and take off.

8. Love reading? Bring bae on a romantic shopping date to this store, and pick up a free book or two (or seven).

9. Chocolate lovers, get yourselves to this free chocolate festival, taking place this winter.

10. If you and bae are gutsy AF, try exploring some of these (allegedly) haunted Montreal locations. (At your own risk).

11. Grab your bikes and go for a romantic couple's ride from the Lachine Canal, to Griffintown, to the Old Port.

12. Then find Montreal's Old Port love lock fence and lock in your love for all to see.

13. Go to the Mont Royal lookout and take tons of Snapchat pictures of the view.

14. Then take the forest trails down, and try to find your way out together.

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