The summer may be coming to a close, but the activities in Montreal are far from winding down. In fact, Saint-Denis street in particular still has weeks of planned events left so that you can get in every last possible drop of outdoor fun before the colder weather sets in.

In case you're not familiar, Saint Denis has been home to La Grande Terrasse Rouge this summer. As the name suggests, it's a huge, bright red terraces, complete with picnic tables, hammocks, astroturf, and cafe-style tables and chairs, making it a great place to hang out. Well, just looking cool wasn't enough for the street. They wanted to make sure that you're entertained during your visits, so they've set up tons of events, shows and activities for you to participate in, completely free of charge.

Check out all 15 things that you'll be able to do on Saint-Denis the September:

4th: Listen to music performed by folk-rock singer Danny Piacard

Rachel to Marie-Anne @ 8pm

 5th: Enjoy the sounds of a Brazilian percussion band and accordionist

Everywhere on the Terrasse @ 1pm

6th: Jam out to 2 different Montreal DJs

Marie-Anne to Mont-Royal and Duluth to Rachel @ 1pm

10th: Win prizes @ Bingo night with Julie paquet (free participation)

Roy to Duluth @ 7pm

11th: Take part in a silent disco

Square Saint-Louis @ 7pm

Se12th: Family Sunday Obstacle Course

Duluth to Rachel @ 12pm

13th: Free guided tour of the patrimonies architecture

Meet at corner of Roy @ 2pm

17th: Test your knowledge @ Quiz Night

Marie-Anne to Mont Royal @ 7pm

18th: Watch an amazing circus performance

Rachel to Marie-Anne @ 8pm

19th: Check out an outdoor film screening

Duluth to Rachel @ 6pm

20th: Listen to the amazing Les Voix Ferrees Chorus

Rachel to Marie-Anne @ 2pm

24th: Join in on an epic dance party

Marie-Anne to Mont-Royal @ 7pm

25th: Attend a conference about the trades of Jacques Nantel

Roy to Duluth @ 6pm

26th: Watch some great dance performances

Everywhere on the terrace @ 1pm

27th: Watch even more dance performances

Everywhere on the terrasse @ 1pm

For more information, check out the Saint-Denis Facebook page.

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