It’s that time of the year where everyone is already fed up of 2017 and looking to go on a life changing trip. But, the truth is that most of  us Montrealers are young, broke, and restless. So, instead of heading across the globe, why not take advantage of living right next to Ontario! I guarantee that these trips are so epic that your mind will be totally blown.

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It seems to me that we Montrealers complete forget how amazing our neighbor Ontario actually is. Ontario will surprise you in multiple ways since it seem like a tropical destination sometimes. These places are absolutely gorgeous and super fun for everyone! The price is relatively cheap and I can promise you that you won’t regret making the trip in your own province.

1. Katherine's Cove Will Change Your Life

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Located in Ontario's Lake Superior Provincial Park, Katherine's Cove is a true gem that most people don't know about! It is surrounded by crystal clear waters, sand, and forested areas, perfect for a life changing experience! You can enjoy canoeing, hiking, fishing, and much, much more.

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2. Niagara Falls Will Change Your Life

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It would be a disgrace not to put Niagara Falls on this list! It is of course a must-visit destination for anyone who lives in Canada. You can stand at the edge of the canyon and enjoy the view! Afterwards, you can check out all the activities nearby!

3.Bruce Peninsula National Park Will Change Your Life

Bruce Peninsula National Park holds what seems to be something from the Caribbean. The park has a peninsula that is absolutely breath taking! It is only an 8 hour drive from Montreal and trust me, it’s worth every minute. They have kayaking, swimming, biking, and much more to make your cheap trip magical.

4. Elora Quarry Will Change Your Life

The Elora Quarry is located in the adorable town of Elora, Ontario. You can fish, raft, swim, camp, and enjoy the beauty of Ontario! In addition, be sure to check out Elora for other activities like ziplining and so on!

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5. Scarborough Bluffs Will Change Your Life

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Want to be in paradise? Then Scarborough Bluffs is the place for you! It's only five hours away from Montreal! You can enjoy its gigantic beaches and high cliffs over a beautiful sunset.

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6. Prince Edward County Will Change Your Life

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This gem of a small town - actually, it's a county, but regardless- it is home to Sandbanks Provincial Park and its just about the cutest town! There are world class restaurants, amazing wines to try, and theater houses that locals and tourists enjoy year round.


7. Killarney Provincial Park Will Change Your Life

Killarney Provincial Park is home to its infamous "Crack ". What I mean by this is that the Crack offers one one of the best lookout points in the entire province. It is a four hour hike to the top but it's filled with beauty and wonders! Plus, you can even enjoy rock climbing!

8. Bathtub Island Will Change Your Life

Located in Katherine Cove, be sure to check out bathtub island where you can truly relax and enjoy the view! This hidden gem is perfect for a life changing experience!

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9. Sleeping Giant Provincial Park Will Change Your Life

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Located in the Thunder Bay area, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park offers breathtaking views of Lake Superior. With over 80 km of hiking trails you are sure to see some wildlife in the boreal forest along with rock formations (hence the name)!

10. Potholes Provincial Park Will Change Your Life

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Potholes Provincial Park is located  near Chapleau and trust me, it is a fabulous cite to see! It features unique rock formations within a thick, boreal forest,  stunning caverns, miniature waterfalls, hiking trails, bird watching, and much more!

11. Cheltenham Badlands Will Change Your Life

The badlands themselves are closed off to the public, but that hasn't stopped anyone! I do encourage you to hike to the magical viewpoint that gives you a beautiful, sweeping overview of the natural phenomenon.

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12. Albion Falls Will Change Your Life

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Waterfalls sure are beautiful the most spectacular ones include Chedoke Falls and Hamilton's Albion Falls. A beautiful and relaxing spot to come and visit in the summer, Albion Falls will totally blow your mind!

13. Flowerpot Island Will Change Your Life

If you happen to take a trip to Tobermory, then you MUST check out Flowerpot Island! It is only accessible by boat which makes it that much more secretive and fabulous!

14. Sauble Beach Will Change Your Life

Sauble Beach is located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron and features clear fresh waters. It is the second longest freshwater beach at 11 km next to Wasaga Beach, which is also in Ontario. You can go swimming, play beach volleyball, do some paddleboarding, windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, golfing, and much more.

15. Thousand Islands Will Change Your Life

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Don't just go to one island, make your trip life changing and go to a THOUSAND in Southeastern Ontario. Each island offers something unique such as cottages, museums, castles, and you name it!

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