Alongside the many festivals, parties, and major events the summer season brings, by virtue of the warm weather, we are afforded so many awesome opportunities that we just don't have when the seasons change.

Whether it's as simple as sitting on your balcony in the evening, or as luxurious as relaxing at an outdoor spa, we should be constantly showing our appreciation for this great weather. By participating in activities that can only happen in the summer, you'll ensure you have no regrets once it's time to layer up in sweaters and coats. So slap on that sunscreen, because a Montreal summer comes and goes pretty fast - you don't want to miss it.

1. Spend a day at Jean Dore beach

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2. Do the adventure circuit and zipline in the Old Port

3. Get romantic on a date at one of these beautiful terrasses

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4. Or if romance isn't your thing, check out one of these terrasses that are perfect for getting day drunk with your friends

5. Have a delicious ready-made picnic from Dinette Triple Crown

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6. Pay a visit to this secret waterfall right in the city

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7. Better yet, discover these secret swimming spots in and around Montreal

8. Spend an afternoon relaxing at this hidden cafe in the Plateau

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9. Rent a paddle boat or kayak on Beaver Lake, the Lachine Canal, or in Old Port

10. Do brunch the right way: boozy

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11. Take advantage of one of these beautiful Montreal parks and have a picnic with your friends (featuring wine, of course)

12. Spend a beautiful summer evening watching airplanes from one of these spots in the city

13. Bike the Lachine Canal and then grab a drink at Terrasse St-Ambroise, which is only open as long as the weather is warm!

14. Take a little trip outside the city to watch a drive-in movie

15. Treat yourself to this gorgeous outdoor lakeside spa

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