When love is in the air of Montreal the real one way to win a girls heart is through her stomach! Honestly, it isn't too hard to do so since our city is FILLED with amazing restaurants. So, if the first date went well, seal the deal with a second date at one of the restaurants below!

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To help you guys out a little, I made this list that composes of restaurants whose food will 514% steal your girls heart! The list has a large variety or restaurants that range from sushi to Greek food so choose wisely according to your future GF's or BF's preferences!

1. Get Seconds At HVOR

1414 Rue Notre Dame Ouest

HVOR is one of Montreal’s best-rated restaurants! Not only is the food amazing, but it is stunning and it is the perfect location for "the one" to enjoy some gourmet food. The ambience is very modern and classy so it’s a great location to make the final move in your relationship.


2. Get Seconds At Hoogan et Beaufort

Bonne fête à mon amoureux! #hooganetbeaufort #angus #rosemont #montreal #restaurant

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4095 Rue Molson, Montréal

For a cute little date, I suggest going to Hoogan and Beaufort! This is honestly a perfect place to go for that extra special person of yours! The food is superb and the location is very charming!


Get Seconds At Ikanos

Best meal in a while 🥕🌶

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112 Rue McGill

For the perfect mixture of Greek and Mediterranean food, then Ikanos is the place to be! It is absolutely delicious and they have so many different options that you will spend 30 minutes just looking at the metro! So don’t be shy to try some new things and order a bunch of options to make your second date something extra special.


3. Get Seconds At Chambre À Part

3619 Rue Saint-Denis

For an ambience that is rustic, contemporary, and romantic then this is the place for you! They also specialise in french cuisine, but they add a vintage twist on it which makes it perfect for a simple secon date in MTL.

4. Get Seconds At ChuChai

4088 Rue Saint-Denis

ChuChai is a great vegetarian restaurant that serves delicious foods that also promote vegan delights. Not only s this restaurant charming AF, their dishes are great even if you aren’t a vegetarian. This is a great place for you both to try something new on a second date.


5. Get Seconds At Le Mousso

1023 Ontario Est

For divine food as well as a divine time, I suggest heading to Mousso. Here, you and your date can enjoy the simple desserts in life along with the extravagant dinners.


6. Get Seconds At Le Millen

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1185 Rue Fleury E

This Ahuntsic restaurant is classy and honestly delicious! They offer upscale dishes that pair perfectly with your reds and white wines! This is honestly a perfect location for a first date and to really impress that special someone. You can stuff your faces and break the ice over some wine!


7. Get Seconds At Bistro Nolah


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3669 Blvd St Jeans

You need to take "the one" here for a great time! To really make your date fall in love, I suggest bringing them here for classic, southern comfort food but in an upscale way! This is a great way to show her how fancy you can be but how warm hearted and down to earth you are as well!

8. Get Seconds At Candide

It's exactly 12 months since my last visit and we are very happy to be back tonight and seeing all positive changes at Candide . . They are still hidden behind the church in St. Henri ( but not an issue to me anymore ), They are still having 4-course fixed menu with a choice of main course and dessert.... the portion is honestly more generous than before .... My pick of pleasant , squash, rye is delicious, everything on the plate complements to each other and I eat all the bread with this dish 😉 .... Only comment I have tonight is I wish is they add a couple more choices to the menu so I can revisit sooner 😋 . . . P.S. bonus points to their presentation: everything is on my favorite ceramikB dining ware 🍽

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551 Saint Martin

For a mix of seafood, cheese, clams, and basically everything else, Candide is the place for you and your date! They have a romantic ambiance and great food to go with it.


9. Get Seconds At Maestro S.V.P.

I'm on a seafood diet🐚🍾

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For some delicious seafood options – such as platters, shrimp, oysters, lobsters, crabs, and scallop, I suggest checking out Maestro S.V.P. It is the perfect location where you and your special someone can dress up and enjoy some lovely seafood.


10. Get Seconds At Joe Beef

2491 Notre-Dame W

Joe Beef is known to be one of Montreal's culinary gems! This is perfect for a first date since the atmosphere is super chill while the dishes are out of this world! So, you don't have to eat fancy to dine as a king and queen! Everything is fresh and prepared by experts.


11. Get Seconds At Europea

#tbt THE best cotton candy I ever did eat #Europea #mtl

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1227 de La Montagne

Headed by chef Jérôme Ferrer, Europea offers a French dining experience that is truly like no other. Their signature 12-course tasting menu is $120 of pure lovely food. This is a prefect location to pretend like you are in Paris on your date with that special someone of yours.


12. Get Seconds At Les 400 Coups

Choux de Bruxelles, île aux Grues 2 ans, carvie, oxalis 📸 @sylvieli

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400 Notre-Dame E

For some really fresh and local ingredients, Les Coups 400 is definitely the place to be! They offer St-Pierre Lake catfish, rabbit from Besnier Farm, and duck magret from La Canardière Farm. You can order a five-course tasting menu for $75 (an extra $45 for wine pairings)! You and your date will be falling in love with.. THE FOOD!


13. Get Seconds At Le Passé Composé

Yes, I only went to Montreal to eat

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950 Roy E

Le Passé Composé is a classy brunch restaurant that will utterly shock your date! Their breakfast food is far from typical. They offer great mixes of bagels and fried eggs that will make both your mouths water.


14. Get Seconds At Tandem

586 Villeray

For a chic and classy time at an extraordinary wine and dine restaurant, I recommend taking your date to Tandem. This lovely restaurant is perfect for a sweet and simple first date that you can both enjoy. I mean doesn't the food look just amazing?


15. Get Seconds At Jatoba 

Lunch de girls sur la terrasse du Jatoba❤️

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1184 Place Phillips

For some delicious white wine and some fabulous food as you eat under the lights, I recommend looking into Jatoba. Jatoba has a gorgeous garden terrasse where you can enjoy inspired classic Japanese and Chinese dishes made by their chef, Olivier Vigneault.


16. Get Seconds At O’Thym

1112 Boul de Maisonneuve E

For an upscale dinner date with divine French cuisine, I suggest going to this BYOW restaurant! Your date will be absolutely shocked and swept off her feet with the gourmet food and delightful wine. This is the place to be when you know you want this to be the one!


17. Get Seconds At Auberge Saint-Gabriel

426 Saint Gabriel

Auberge Saint-Gabriel is known for serving divine Québécois cuisine. Veal cheek braised in Porto ($34), squid ink ravioli ($29), suckling pig from straight from a farm in Quebec City ($49), and trout confit ($14) are some of their specialties that will have your wallet crying but your date falling in love.


18. Get Seconds At La Chronique

104 Laurier W

For a truly elegant dinner, I recommend checking out La Chronique’s! Their menu offers a variety of classic French dishes. You can expect to spend about $90 - $150 with wine pairings. You have many options to choose from but by the end of the night your date will be choosing you!


19. Get Seconds At M.Mme

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240 Laurier W

This restaurant happens to one of the more affordable options on the list. You will be spending around $30 for a main dish. Or you could get a 4-course tasting menu for 75$. They specialize in marinated leeks, mozzarella di buffala, roast duck with beetroot puree, and rôti de porc au lait.


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