Friday is here, and that means there's one thing on your mind: beer. You can try to refute that fact, but it rhymed (sorta), so it must be true. That's Michael Scott logic right there.

Anyways, witty intros (at least in my not-so-humble opinion) aside, lets get to the real important stuff, the reason why you even clicked on this article. You want to know what daft/amazing bar is giving away free beer, so here's all the info spelled out for you.

Partnering with Molson Brewery, Saint Laurent street's Taverne Cobra is hosting a tasting event that will allow you to enjoy the newly created 1908 Pale Ale at zero charge. Yup, free beer, told you so.

For those who don't know about the 1908 Pale Ale, the brew is Molson's attempt at recreating the beer they made over a century ago. Released this past week, the 1908 Pale Ale is both a historical beer-recreation and an alcoholic ode to Molson's 230 birthday.

But will you enjoy a beer that's meant to mirror the flavours enjoyed by Montrealers in the 1800s? Find out for yourself, because the whole event is free anyways, if I needed to drive that point into your heads even more.

Taverne Cobra's free 1908 Pale Ale tasting event is going down on Thursday, March 17th. For more details and any updates, head to the official Facebook event page.

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