2017 is going to be the year that you and your girlfriend make great! You may be wondering how, and the answer is simple. If you want to have an amazing New Year with your girlfriend, I suggest checking out some of these superb resolutions you can do together! Not only are some of these ideas insanely fun, but it will also help you achieve and maintain a happy and healthy relationship!

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So, instead of trying to make a resolution on your own, why not have someone you love motivate you and do it with you! Making a New Year's resolution is a great way to assure that 2017 is better than 2016. Personally, I believe that if you and your girlfriend follow some of these resolutions that you will have the most memorable year of your lives!

1. Commit To Joining The Gym With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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Sweat together and you will feel better together!

2. Commit To Trying New Exotic Restaurants With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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The way into a girl's heart is definitely through her stomach! These restaurants will definitely steal her heart.

3. Commit To Going To Yoga With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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Kicking back and relaxing together will release tension in your relationship so that you can enjoy the good times together! Check out these studios that will help you chill out.

4. Commit To Going On Fun Road Trips With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Instead of booking a super expensive trip to Cuba with your girlfriend in the new year, why not go on some cheap fun road trips! These road trips are great alternatives and insanely fun.

5. Commit To Going On More Date Nights With Your Girlfriend in 2017

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Treat your girlfriend to more date nights to keep that romantic spark flaming! Here are some places that you should at least take your girlfriend to twice in Montreal!

6. Commit To Trying New Cool Workouts With Your Girlfriend in 2017

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Montreal sure is home to some crazy workouts! I suggest checking out rock climbing, flying yoga, wall yoga, hot barre, and even pole dancing!

7. Commit To Going To The Spa More Often With You Girlfriend In 2017

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Going to the spa is not only a perfect date, but if you go more often in the new year with your girlfriend, I can guarantee you a more peaceful relationship! Check out these spas for the ultimate time.

8. Commit To Attending More Festivals With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Montreal offers so many festivals from Osheaga, Ile Soniq, Igloo Fest, Picnik Electronik, to the just for laughs festival and the mural festival. Not attending these with your girlfriend it basically a crime! Enjoy the new year with your girlfriend by laughing and partying!

9. Commit To Eating More Poutines And Bagels With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Why not enjoy Montreal with your girlfriend this new year by munching on your favourite poutines and bagels!

10. Commit To Going To Paint The Nite With Your Girlfriend in 2017

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Paint the Nite is a great way to drink while painting beautiful masterpieces with your girlfriend this year. This is a great date that you should definitely do more than once!

11. Commit To Going To The Ceramic Cafe With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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4338 St Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2K8

One of my personal favourite places is Le Céramic Café. A place where you create art as well as eat delicious food. It’s a great anniversary date since you can laugh, create, and try new things with one another. Not only will your girlfriend have fun but so will you. This is a great new year activity to do with that special someone.


12. Commit To Complementing Your Girlfriend More In 2017 And Vice Versa

This will help to build a more healthy relationship in the new year.

13. Commit To Going For Brunch More Often With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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Montreal is home to amazing brunch locations that are perfect for some early morning dates! Brunch dates in the new year will assure you more happiness in the morning with your girlfriend and a new tradition you can adopt.

15. Commit To Having Game Nights More Often With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Game nights are actually the best! Whether it be board games or video games it's a great way to have fun with your girlfriend in the new year.

16. Commit To Eating Healthy With Your Girlfriend in 2017

Montreal offers superb healthy restaurants that you and your girlfriend can go to if you want to eat healthy during the new year. I suggest checking out these restaurants and enjoying a healthy relationship along with a healthy body.

17. Commit To Breaking A Bad Montreal Habit With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Every Montrealer shares some common habits. So, why not break a bad one that both you and your girlfriend share! Check out this list to get inspired!

18. Commit To Going To A Concert With Your Girlfriend In 2017

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Check out this list of concerts in Montreal for the new year! Not only can you get tickets for a birthday present, but going to concerts is a cool way to share your music love with the love of your life.

19. Commit To Going On More Romantic Dates With Your Girlfriend in 2017

Fun adventurous dates are great for the New Year, but romantic dates will keep your relationship even stronger. So, be sure to take your girlfriend on some romantic dates to keep the spark alive!

20. Commit To A Long Term Goal With Your Girlfriend In 2017

Set a goal and achieve it together! Your goal can be going on a fabulous trip, moving out together, or basically anything you please! This is truly something to look forward to.

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