Friends, it's almost spring. The season of rejuvenation. Of rebirth. Everything's blooming, all that crap. (Please tell me someone's catching this reference?)

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And do you know what else happens to be blooming? Love, friends. That's right. So make sure your and your significant other form a strong, blooming love bond this spring by doing any (all) of these 

Grab bae and head out to this Quebec All-You-Can-Eat cabane a sucre experience.

Or just straight-up stay in and snuggle, since March is the worst month of the year in Montreal.

Or else venture outside, and treat yourselves to any one of these glorious macaroni and cheese dishes.

Not feeling super rich this month? No worries. Go on any (or all!) of these fun, inexpensive dates.

Throughout the beginning of the month, check out the super cool Illuminart light and art exhibits.

Or take bae underground, and check out Montreal's "underground city festival".

Treat each other to one of Starbucks' brand new lattes.

Or skip the coffee entirely and treat yourselves to an unlimited boozy brunch.

On March 20, check out this totally free, gorgeous lazer light show.

Then, on the last Sunday of the month, take bae to the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts - and enjoy free admission.

Take a stroll through Montreal's Chinatown.

Admire the gorgeous hanging Chinese lanterns, and snap tons and tons of pics.

Stay in and catch up on the newest Netflix releases together.

And don't forget to order some Sushi A La Maison, featuring this creative poutine maki roll.

If you two are still in first date mode, check out any of these fantastic date ideas to make sure you get a second one.

If you and bae are vegan AF, then check out this Montreal vegan thai restaurant for ultimate good vibes.

And then head out to any one of these brand new coffee spots, for an afternoon latte.

On March 14, celebrate National Pi Day by taking your S/O out for a nice slice of pie. 

Follow up your dessert with a delicious gourmet hamburger. Share it. Or not.

End the day with a visit to this Montreal bar, for $1 shots and $1.50 beers.

If you guys love skating almost as much as you love each other, then get yourselves to a Montreal skating rink before they close for the season.

Pretend to be fancy AF (or maybe live your best fancy AF lives) at any one of these fine Montreal establishments.

And then 110% don't do any of these super fun-yet-illegal date ideas.

Follow up on this list of S/O New Years resolutions.

Accept defeat, and treat yourselves to a night out at this Gatsby-themed bar instead.

Treat yourselves to some chicken and waffles for a cute couple's brunch.

Get yourselves to Cafe Melbourne for one of their pop up brunches, and enjoy a Lucky Charms latte.

Bundle TF up and stay indoors as much as possible together, as March is apparently going to be one of the worst months of the year.

Since it's almost spring, pack a picnic and enjoy it near Mount-Royal's (defrosting) Beaver Lake.

Post all the highlights to Instagram stories. (Seriously. All of them). 

If you two lovers love Harry Potter more than anything else, then make plans to check out this live Harry Potter concert.

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