JJ Abrams better not muff up Star Wars, lest the entire geek community put a Boba Fett-bounty on his head. No one hates like die hard fans (remember Bat-Fleck?), and forums and nerd communities are already on fire with potential ways the series can be (re) ruined. One ambitious advertising agency, obviously employing many a Star Wars fan, has decided to not simply vent worries, but create a video-letter, addressed to Mr. Abrams himself, on how to make Star Wars great again. See Sincerely Truman's four rules for JJ Abrams below.


In summation: make Star Wars gritty again. As explained in the video's proposed 4 rules.

Rule #1: The Setting is the Frontier = less cities, more crazy wastelands and planets

Rule #2: The Future is Old = make it actually look like 'a long, long time ago'

Rule #3: The Force is Mysterious = we don't need scientific explanations, just more force-lightning

Rule #4: Star Wars isn't Cute = more gore, less Jar Jar Binks

Combined with the video is an online petition, via website Dear J.J. Abrams, which will be hand delivered to Disney execs if it reaches a million signatures. Show your Star Wars support.

Agree with these guidelines? Think Abrams should take Star Wars in an entirely new direction? Sound off your Star Wars thoughts in the comments below.

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