The month of May just rolled around and I think we can all collectively feel like spring energy buzzing through the air. Seemingly overnight - very much in line with classic Montreal style - the weather seemed to have gone from freezing to balmy and warm. 

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You know what that means? Yes. It's almost festival season! The greatest time of the year in Montreal. When every weekend brings around a new and exciting festival based around food, music, comedy, cars, partying, art, the list really does go on. Get ready, the next 4-months are going to go by fast, so make the most of every weekend.

One highly anticipated food festival is kicking off this Friday, the 7th annual "First Friday" taking place at the Olympic Stadium in the East end of the city. This food festival gathers 44 food trucks from local restaurants, all ready to provide you with a sampling of their key dishes and best sellers. 

This festival gets busy. So come early and prepared with cash and water. It's hot and you will be eating, a lot.  Here are the food trucks that you can expect to show up for this awesome culinary gathering.

1. Bacon Truck
2. Bleu Homard
3. Boîte à Fromages
4. La Cage - Brasserie sportive
5. Charlie's Shack
6. Gaspésie Food Truck
7. Greg's diner
8. CRémy Pâtisserie
9. Restaurant Da Lillo
10. Damon Food Truck
11. Dilallo Burger Original 1929
12. Duck Truck MTL
13. Fire Twenty One Smo
14. Burger Truck
15. Grumman78
16. Jerry - casse-croûte du terroir de Montréal
17. Resto à Seb
18. La Queue du Diable
19. La poutine shop
20. Le Casse-Glacekin' Grill
21. Le Cheese Truck
22. King Bao
23. Les Boucaniers en cavale
24. Lucille Oyster
25. Mi Corazon Cuisine De Rue
26. Mignon
27. Dim Sum Montreal
28. Mr.Puffs
29. No 900
30. P.A. & Gargantua
31. Pas d'cochon dans mon salon
32. Phoenix 1
33. Quai Roulant Food Truck
34. Queen B
35. Camion Queues de Castor Montréal
36. Route 27 food truck
37. Dasfoodtruck
38. Restaurant voltigeurs Sainte -Thérèse
39. Le Smoking BBQ
40. Sucrerie Du Domaine - Food Truck-Fumoir
41. Poutinefest
42. Poutine et cie
43. Traiteur belgo
44. Churros Montreal

From poutine to taco,s to burgers, BBQ, oysters, even lobster - you will really be able to get a real buffet of variety and flavors. The festivities start at 4PM and run until 11PM.  The best part, general admission is totally FREE.

For more info, click HERE!

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