I don't know about you but there is nothing more romantic than treating your loved one to a beautiful meal and serenading them with live jazz music. There is just something about jazz music the strums the strings of my heart. The relaxing rhythm matched with a beautiful glass of wine and great company is honestly my perfect evening out.

Lucky for us and especially me, Montreal has a lovely array of restaurants not only serving great food but also putting great talent under the spot light. Jazz might not be a highly followed or sort after genre of music at the moment but it is sure to have influenced and been the backbone of many great songs that we all have known to love.

Below I have listed some fantastic jazz restaurants here in Montreal you just have to try.

1. Modavie

1 Saint-Paul Rue O

This is my personal favorite with it's perfect balance, of talent, great food and amazing wine. I specifically enjoyed the lamb with a St-Emilion red wine and a fantastic female singer. The music was just the right volume and the food was simply mouth watering. You can enjoy an evening from local bands at this fantastic Jazz bar and bistro a full seven days a week.


2. House of Jazz

Now it wouldn't be a complet list without the House of Jazz being on it. This restaurant is authentic and loyal to it's name with a buzzing jazz atmosphere, with everything from a full jazz band and crystal chandeliers. They consider themselves a Montreal landmark, built by French Montrealer Georges Durst, House of Jazz has been a home to Jazz musicians since 1981. As the music is their defining trademark it is an extremely vibrant atmosphere that will leave you with a memorable evening.

3. Dièse Onze

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4115-A, St-Denis

This jazz club offers a underground and intimate atmosphere teamed with great music from renowned jazz artists. Not only can you enjoy a musical evening, but also a selection of Tapas to share.


4. Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill

1254 Mackay

This restaurants offers a more relaxed atmosphere, with it's classic wood paneling, stone walls, long bar, and elegant linen covered tables. They offer everything from snacks to full blown main courses to enjoy with your date. They pride themselves by offering an optimum musical experience.


5. Café Résonance

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5175A Avenue du Parc

If you are looking for a more informal atmosphere that can be enjoyed at all times of the day then this is the place for you and your date. The food is more homely and they serve everything from a good coffee to a good beer. But what makes this place specifically unique is the match between vegetarian cuisine and tradition jazz music. Therefore this is the perfect place for the vegetarian in your life who loves a good musical show.


6. Bistro Le Balmoral

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This restaurant is extremely specious, full of light and fantastically placed for music lovers. This french cuisine inspired restaurant doesn't just offer live shows and jazz but also has a terrace that seats 250 people and is the stage to artists throughout the festival of jazz as it is perfectly located in the Quartier des Spectacles.


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