Growing up there was always one movie that held a special place in my heart. And that movies is non-other than Wayne's World.

One moment in particular that always caught my attention was the scene where Wayne and Garth are laying down on the hood of the "Mirth Mobile" talking about whether or not Bugs Bunny was sexy when he dressed up as girl bunny.

All of a sudden their conversation get interrupted by loud noise and this happens next.

It got me thinking about whether we had some similar spots in Montreal. We do have an airport after all,  now we juts need to find some nearby streets when you can park and watch the planes landing a few feet away from you.

Over the years, me and my friends found quite a few of these spots and I've decided to share them with the rest of you.

In case the map isn't loading or your internet sucks here's the list:

1. The Pitfield Circle

The most popular spot on the list. People usually bring their own lawn chairs here and stare up at the sky as the planes get closer and closer.

2. Chemin St-Francois

This place is a little more secluded that the others on the list and it will give you a great side angle to see the planes take off.

3. Avenue Ryan

This a decent spot if you want to sit in your car and watch the planes. Or you can park you car here and make your way on foot to the "Grass Field".

4. The Grass Field

This is the spot where you'll find photographers setting up their tripods. You can walk right up to the airport fence here.

5. The Park

If you don't feel like sitting in your car, you can sit in the adorable little park and still get a pretty good vantage point.

6. The Parking Lot

The lot on the right is private, but the smaller lot on the left is fully accessible.

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