Friends, I know it can be super simple to find a dive bar (or maybe even a restaurant!) with inexpensive drink specials. But what if you're not down for a dive bar? What if you want to sit down, sip a cocktail, and not have to spend hundreds of dollars to do so? 

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Okay, a hundred dollars might be a little too exaggerated, but you get the point. Some cocktail bars cost tons; but thankfully, in Montreal, we have a good selection of bars, some of which happen to be both incredibly awesome, and incredibly inexpensive.


La P'tite Grenouille

This spot might not techincally be a cocktail bar, but trust, if you're looking to get drunk for under $20, there's no better spot. Offering $1 beers and awesome drink specials during the week, this is every alcohol lover's paradise.



Bar Inc.

Le Mal Necessaire 

Specializing in whiskey, this spot serves up shots for super fair prices... plus, the vibe and ambiance here simply cannot be beat.


Le North End


Every rum lover's dream come true, this rum and tapas bar serves up delicious food, delicious drinks, and some incredibly good times.


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