Warm up some pizza pockets and tell your parents that you'll finish your homework after dinner because Reboot is coming back!!!

No you haven't died and gone to heaven, no you didn't get zapped back in time, this is actually happening!

The announcement of the show's comeback is nicely lining up with its 20th anniversary. Yup, it's been 20 years since its start in 1994. I'll let you old people wipe up the prune juice you just spat all over the place.

I can already see a whole mess of Bob, Dot, Enzo, and Megabyte costumes showing up at Halloween parties in the next few years. "Sexy Dot" and "Slutty Hexadecimal", here's your cue.

Canadian animation studio Rainmaker Entertainment also changed the name of its TV division this week to the more appropriate   "Mainframe Entertainment".

This is the studio that also acquired the rights to Beast Wars, the Transformers animated show, back in 2006. Both aired on YTV back in the day so it remains to be seen if they'll pick up the "Reboot" reboot.

And if you're reading this Mainframe Entertainment, please, bring back Beast Wars too!!

Hold on to your GAMEBOY colours people, the return to Mainframe is just around the corner.


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