Are you the kind of person who LIVES for the hunt? Who am I kidding, if you clicked on this article then you are likely a well-seasoned Renaissance hunter of the highest calibre. Well, good news. The Montreal area has been blessed with a weekend-long Antique and Vintage show that is certain to thrill even the most seasoned treasure hunter.

The three-day Antique and Vintage show is happening near the end of April, so you've got lots of time to stash some cash away and take stock of your apartment's knick-knack needs. 

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TL;DR A three-day, free-admission Antique & Vintage show is coming to the Montreal Area this April 26-28 at Plaza Pointe Claire. More details below!

The event is celebrating their 16th year so you can be sure that they know what they're doing. 

On the event's Facebook page (linked below) they list all the "treasures" you can expect to find, and honestly, this list has me so excited.

If you're looking for any of the following things, you'll want to head to this vintage and antique show next month.

Treasures you can expect to find:

  • Vintage home decor
  • Kitchen collectables
  • Antique and vintage jewellery
  • Books
  • Records
  • Vintage toys 
  • Porcelain
  • Retro good of all kinds
  • Collectables of all kinds

The show runs for the following three days:

Friday, April 26th from 11AM - 8PM

Saturday, April 27th from 9AM - 5PM

Sunday, April 28th from 9AM to 5PM

Admission is free and so is parking, so all your bucks can go straight to the awesome antique treasures. 

The show is taking place at Plaza Pointe-Claire, so if you've got a pal with a car you'll want to bribe them into driving you to haul back your stuff.

Or, bring a big bag and catch the 485 or 405 bus from Lionel-Groulx metro. Both buses stop right outside the Plaza!

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For more information or to get in touch with the event hosts, head to their Facebook event page. 

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