Nothing is cuter than a newborn baby peacefully sleeping in their own cuteness. The hard part is capturing all the adorability, since babies aren't the best models for pictures. Not to mention fussy parents who would go nuts if the camera's flash is too bright. Photographer Alicia Gould has mastered the art of newborn photography, building a photography business around the concept, and her too-cute-to-handle photos will attest to her ability.

For over five years Gould has given parents the gift of immortalizing their children at the peak of cuteness. Having to sooth fussy babies to sleep, deal with impromptu feedings, and, of course, messy diapers, Gould's job isn't as easy as it looks. Gould's efforts are well worth it, as her photos are nothing short of heartwarming. See what we mean in the photos below.

See more of Gould's photography at her Official Website

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