Comedy site CollegeHumor hit the Just For Laughs Festival to show off their debut film, Coffee Town. The film’s plot revolves around 30-something Will (played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton), and his two friends, Gino (House of Lies star Ben Schwartz) and Chad (Steve Little of Eastbound & Down fame). Together they team up to perform one of the funniest heists on film. The reason they're risking jail time is that Will’s favorite coffee shop and place of business (he works out of his laptop), is turning into a bistro lounge. And THAT. CAN'T. HAPPEN.

But the true comedy in this film is the bromance the trio explore on-screen. Schwartz’s Gino might just be the worst cop of all time and Little’s take on how being straight is actually gay is seriously something to behold. Howerton’s character is a far cry from his Always Sunny character Dennis, but he pulls it off, showing he won't be typecast as the charismatic douche. Josh Groban also held his own and might be this year’s “What? He’s funny!?” winner.

Howerton's on-screen romance with Adrianne Palicki was awesome, and I kinda resent him for it because I fell in love with her right away. Despite having a stint in the action genre lately (G.I. Joe Retaliation and Red Dawn), Palicki has actually done comedy before, and she’s great in this as well. When asked whether it was hard staying composed throughout the films’ shooting, Howerton admitted it was hard. “It’s like family,” said Schwartz, “it’s like kids messing around on a bouncy castle.”

For a movie that wasn’t produced for a release in thousands of theaters worldwide, but rather had a digital on-demand availability leading up to this world premiere, it shocked me how good it was. I can honestly say it’s better than many of the big “blockbuster” films that came out this summer. Just goes to show that with a good cast and good content, you can still make something amazing. Here’s hoping we see more CollegeHumor films in the future!

You can watch the film on iTunes NOW

+Funny cast

+Endearing story

-Some jokes fell flat


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