The wait is nearly over! The latest Star Wars movie officially opens in theaters on December 18th. To celebrate, we've decided to see what it would be like if famous Canadians were Star Wars characters.

Who would be the heroes and who would be the villains? Who has the highest midi-chlorian count? And who will win in the end, the good or the dark side of the force?

Justin Skywalker

The newly elected Padawan completing his Jedi training with Master Yoda in The Dagoba system.

The Evil Emperor Harper

Mourning the loss of his beloved Death Star aka 24 Sussex Drive.

Marois The Hutt

Recently hired the bounty hunter Bobba Fett to hunt down Sugar Sammy. Little does she know, Sugar Sammy has already been frozen in carbonite.

Photo cred - Star Wars / Edited by Jeremy Hazan

Anakin SkyBieber

Here we have the young Jedi pupil being yelled at by Qi-Gon Ginn for getting a DUI during a pod drag race.

ChewBacon aka Harley Wookiestein

After consuming all the bacon on his home planet of Kashyyyk, the rogue Wookiee travels the universe looking for an optimal star system from which to broadcast his video logs.

Yodavid Suzuki

Luke, taking in the wisdom of one of the wisest beings in the galaxy.

Princess Celine Organa

Here she is being captured and forced to return to Vegas before she ha a chance to deliver the Death Star blueprints to the rebel alliance.

Obi Wan KeRogan

Obi Wan has gone against the Council's wishes by training Jay Baruchel in the Jedi arts even though Master Yoda deemed him to be "too old".

Photo cred - Star Wars / Edited by Jeremy Hazan

LanDrake Calrissian

Here he is showing off his latest music video to his old friend Han.

Han Subban

Currently being hunted down by Bobba Fett, Han Subban cannot be caught. He is reported to have made it from one blue line to the other in under 12 parsecs.

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