When Halloween rolls along, all the lists and articles and listicles start naming all the typical activities.

These typically include the Halloween parties and the haunted houses. But seriously, haunted house are just a dark pathway where a guy with a flashlight will pop up to spook you.

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It's not exactly the most thrilling activity in the world. But have you ever had the guts to visit a real-life haunted house? Well you're in luck.

This is the Ste-Clotilde De Horton Insane Asylum and it's everything a haunted house should be.

It was built in 1939 and became a monastery for the Fathers of Sacred Heart. Later it became the Novitiate of the Brothers of the Christian Instruction. That's when the builders added the creepy inscription in the entrance that reads: “Ad Sinite parvulos venire Me” which translates to “Let come the children to me”.

As if this place wan't creepy enough already.

And we're just getting started.

In 1959 three young boys died tragically in a fire when they were playing with a lighter in one of the closets. To make things just little more terrifying, the incident happened on Christmas day.

Later the building housed 90 patients with intellectual disabilities and supposedly, doctors conducted creepy, and illegal experiments on them.

Another fire broke out in 1988, this time 9 people died.

The building has been abandoned ever since.

People claims to have seen ghosts in the asylum. They've heard laughing and screaming coming from the hallways and the ghost of a 3 year old girl is said to haunt the nearby woods.

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend that you actually visit the inside of this place for many reasons. First of all, it's haunted (weren't you listening?) And second, visiting abandoned buildings is dangerous and illegal.


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