Ms Cyrus stormed the Bell Centre last night with sexy swedes Icona Pop opening with their electro steez. From their hit single "I Love It" co-written with Charlie XCX, you wouldn't think they'd have the pipes but the pair stunned the crowd in flash post-modern party dresses that countered their timeless harmonies and vibratos. Impressive lassies!

Miley herself descended onto the stage out of the mouth of a giant projection of her face on a tongue-shaped slide and kicked it off with a BANG(erz) dancing with a posse of animal mascots along to a backdrop of 'Ren & Stimpy'-esque cartoons of herself (clearly a child of the 90s!)

For a few songs it almost looked like we weren't going to see much more than the internet had already been privy to preview of this tour; ganga body suit and golden-car booty-bouncing etc etc.

Then things got really Montreal. Miley herself called out to her fans to give some tongue-love to anyone in the audience who came to her show with a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or new buddy. During her ballad 'Adore You' a kiss-cam scoured the audience for anyone at the concert with someone dear to them and got girls and guys all smooching on the big screen. It was raunchy and adorable.

Minimal twerking. For all the glitz and balloons and epic costume, one still could hear the Hemsworth-heartbreak through all those ballads. But perhaps that's just the Nashville influence.

Miley also noted what even we--way up in the white zone--couldn't help noticing; the Centre Bell smelt dank! Y'all are incorrigible!

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