Rockstar Games' newest addition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise (one of the most beloved franchises in gaming) has been delayed several times thus far. However this first gameplay video showcasing the game's crazy sexy graphics in a game world we all know and love makes for one hell of a hype train!

As you'll see in the video, among the innumerable graphical and environmental innovations, you can now swap vantage points between the game's three protagonists during a mission or even while just walking down the street, something that wasn't possible in previous GTA games. You can also customize cars, buy and sell stocks, and houses (a callback to the San Andreas days).

They also tease an upcoming GTA online gameplay video right at the very end which looks... well... goddamnit I can't wait any longer!

WATCH HERE GTA V First Gameplay

GTA V is set for a September 17th release date, just in time for you to fail all your classes and/or quit your day job.

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