We already knew that Beachclub was one of the hottest places to be in the summer, but man o man, have they ever proved it this year, hosting literally some of the biggest celebrity parties in the world. Just one week after teaming up with Team Productions to bring in Kylie Jenner to celebrate her 18th birthday in style, the trendy tropical paradise is now set to host the Biebs himself. And not only is the superstar coming to Beachclub, we have confirmation that he will actually be performing!

It's been a while since Bieber has been back to Canada, so what better way to celebrate his homecoming than with a performance at the biggest outdoor club in North America. Team Productions, the team behind bringing Dan Bilzerian and Kylie Jenner to Montreal, have done it again and have landed all you lucky fans an exclusive sneak peak at his upcoming tour. Justin will be performing his new hit single Where Are Ü Now, along with a few other surprises up his sleeves, or lack there of, whatever the case may be.

Check out Beachclub's website and Facebook Page for all the details.

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