Long hair is no longer a sign of femininity or hippiness. Rocking long locks now goes hand in hand with manliness thanks to Braveheart and the many athletes who keep their hair long. In a sports setting, it would seem logical to keep your hair fairly short, as to not obstruct your eyesight or get caught in things, but the McGill Redmen shrug such worries and let their hair grow out into a luxurious length. TV McGill (TVM) interviewed the Redmen to find out why long hair is the way to go. Answers include: the ability to hair flip, signifying manliness, and emulating the team man-crush. But owuld they date a girl with longer hair? Check out the video below for the answer and more insights into men who 'go with the flow.'


Agree with the footballers sentiments on long hair? Think dudes should keep it short? Let us know in the comments below.

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