Montreal's own Bones Malones sat down with MTL Blog for a look into his fourth album Bawl N' Change and to exclusively debut his new single Big Blue Lake.

Part rock, part blues, with a dash of pop, it refuses to be categorized by traditional labels. In the end, it'll go down as "alternative", a genre that doesn't fit in with the rest of the popular kids.  "I like the word alternative cause it's very vague," said singer/songwriter/producer Bones Malones.

It took 6 months of obsessively pouring every second of time into the new album, but it's finally yielded the sound Bones was looking for. Partly recorded in the basement of a barn, partly recorded in an actual studio, this isn't by any means a conventional album.

Malones wanted minimal computer usage, straying from intensive digital manipulation. Instead he focused on getting, real, raw sound. Close to a dozen musicians came together on the album. "We used drums, percussion , harmonicas, and guitars. I had a violinist come in on a couple tunes which was fun, I never did that. Backup vocalists, I had some accordions, a banjo, and a few pieces of metal," said Malones.

Often a particular sound was sought out, and only when Malones agreed to share some of the creative control was he able to find what he was looking for. One instance included taking a metal plate from an old turn table, hanging it up by old bungee cord, and banging it. "Try everything once, if it sounds good you can say it was your idea," joked Malones.

We live in a musical age where, for the most part, every track on an artists' album sound identical to the last one. Bones Malones' Bawl N' Change breaks conventions, and good on them for doing so! Every track on the album sounds different and tells a different story, making it more memorable.

Their single, "Big Blue Lake" is a powerhouse that properly exploits Malones' vocals. "Tiny Earth" breaks things down on a more intimate level, dealing with the realities of life in this sometimes shitty world. And "All The Way" is easy listening carried through by Malone's gritty voice. All in all, the album just works.

Bawl N' Change drops November 23, and will coincide with an album launch party at Cabaret du Mile End where the band will perform live! It's $5 at the door and the album will run you $10. Get all the info on the launch party here!

And check out their Facebook page for the latest news on the band and their new album !

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