Photo cred - Feerik

Gritty and full of energy, the work of Feerik is incredibly striking. Based out of Montreal, and known more commonly as as Joel Dos Reis Viegas, Feerik is an artist, graphic designer, and entrpeneur all wrapped in one.

Feerik's body of work is quite extensive, ranging from personal works, to animation, to videogames. Co-founder of Steambot, a visual development studio based in Montreal, you've probably seen Feerik's handiwork in such titles as Batman: Arkham Origins, Black Ops, and many more. Feerik's intense talent can be seen in his unique urban art, a fusion of western and eastern elements that will be sure to impress you, especially if you love gangsta samurais. And really, who doesn't? Take a look below.

See more of Feerik's work on his official webpage! 

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