To be totally honest with you, food festivals are my life. I don't think there's anything better than eating and festing (?), so when you combine the two together, pure magic happens.

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And there's nothing more magical than chilling and eating in the glorious ambiance of one of Montreal's most famous landmarks: the Olympic Stadium.

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On October 7, Cuisine De La Rue will be hosting its last First Fridays outdoor food truck event for the year.

As usual, the event will take place on the first Friday of the month (the 7th, in this case), and at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life (4139 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave).

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Admission is free, and the event starts at 4:00 PM.

And seeing as this is the very last First Friday event taking place in Montreal for the year, this may very well be your last chance to bask in the live music, good vibes, and good food for 2016.

Sounds like the best time you can have in a day? Then check out their Facebook page for more information.

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