Truth time: there is nothing in this world quite like fresh pasta. It's super easy to make, takes minimal ingredients, and once you eat it? Yeah. Tears of pure happiness start rolling down your cheeks. That's how amazing it is.

I'd argue that the only thing better than fresh pasta is fresh stuffed pasta - give me a freshly made plate of tortellini, cannelloni, or ravioli, and you've got one happy Miranda. But unfortunately, fresh stuffed pasta is a little bit harder to make. The filling and the dough both have to work together in harmony; you have to make sure everything is cooked correctly; the flavours have to on point... in other words, friends, it's a complication.

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But not anymore. Here to save us from royally messing up another plate of fresh tortellini is Ahuntsic Italian restaurant La Molisana (1014 Rue Fleury E).

On March 22, 2016, La Molisana will be hosting a "For The Love Of Fresh Stuffed Pasta" cooking class at their restaurant, where you can learn to make your own amazing tortellini, ravioli, and cannelloni dishes.

As a resident of Ahuntsic, I can tell you that this awesome Italian restaurant is pretty much an institution in the area at this point, so you know you're going to be getting a quality pasta education. The class is $50 per person; if this sounds like your next favourite activity, don't forget to check out their Facebook event.

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