Talk about stacked! If you're planning to catch a few concerts throughout the month of May, you're in for a real treat! From sexy electrofunk, to indie (cry your eyes out, OMG it's Lana) pop, to experimental what-have-you, it's going to be a solid month for concert-going. Montreal never ceases to have impress with incredible shows literally ever week, but this time, we've all been blown right out of the water!


Date: May 1

Venue: Corona Theatre

Genre: Electrofunk

Why you're going: This show may be sold out, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be busting your ass trying to get a ticket anyway. These electro funk gods from Montreal have been picking up major steam over the past year, right ahead of their upcoming album White Women, and their huge single Jealous (I Ain't With Out). Dave1 and P-Thugg are the masters of sexy late night jams, making this an absolute must-see show.

Jessy Lanza

Date: May 1

Venue: Il Motore

Genre: Indie/Alternative

Why you're going: This Hamilton, Ontario native demonstrated a love for '90s-styled electro R&B on her buzzed-about debut album Pull My Hair Back, and will be showing us just how far her talent goes on May 1 at Il Motore. Expect graceful yet erotic singing over sometimes icey tripped-out beats to melt your heart and grind your teeth to...kathy lee... kathy lee.

We Are Wolves

Date: May 2

Venue: Club Soda

Genre: Indie Rock

Why you're going: Montreal has a never-ending shortage of indie rockers, but these three gentlemen, with their post-punk adrenaline, have created a sound that is both free and honest. They have toured around the world, been in the studio, and now are back home, ready to show you just how much they've evolved as a band. Hope you're ready, because it's going to be a howl-at-the-moon kind of night.

Boys Noize

Date: May 3

Venue: New City Gas

Genre: Electro House

Why you're going: Full of acid bits, house beats and drugged-out superstars is what New City Gas is going to be like on May 1 when Boys Noize comes back to town. He's been here before and has thrown down some of the most talked-about Dj sets in Montreal history. A label-owner and a major force to be reckoned with in the electro scene, it's a sure-bet for all you ravers out there.


Date: May 3

Venue: Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Electronic/Experimental

Why you're going: With productions that defy genres, a boundless energy, and un-paralleled creativity, Clark has showcase versatility above all, throughout his past six albums. Forging a sound that has incorporated innumerable strands of party-starting techno, abrasive electronics, somber piano tunes, and haphazard electro he has always stayed true to that Clark aesthetic. This is sure to be a memorable show.


Date: May 4

Venue: Metropolis

Genre: Alternative Hip Hop

Why you're going: "Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well." If you're one of these bad girl, you know you should be joining the incomparable M.I.A. on May 4 at Metropolis. With her reggae meets hip hop style and eclectic taste in fashion, she'll be heating Metropolis in the most exotic way possible. What more is there to say, it's M.I.A., you know you've got to be there.

Lana Del Rey

Date: May 5

Venue: Bell Centre

Genre: Alternative Pop

Why you're going: It's the moment you've all been waiting for... Lana Del Rey is finally coming to town! This indie pop starlet will be bringing joy to the Bell Centre and to the hearts of many young women (and some men) as she delivers her soulful pop classics. This is going to be a night that will be remembered by many for years to come. It may be sold out, but you'll a ticket somewhere, I mean you can't put a price on memories after all right?

City and Colour

Date: May 7

Venue: Bell Centre

Genre: Folk Rock

Why you're going: Canadian singer/songwriter Dallas Green, also known as City And Colour has embarked on a North American tour and his stop in Montreal is sure to be unforgettable. With a unique sound that blends southern rock and acoustic folk, City and Colour is going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And you sure as hell can't miss Montreal's Half Moon Run who will be opening!

Neko Case

Date: May 8

Venue: Corona Theatre

Genre: Indie Rock

Why you're going: This American singer songwriter was once a member of band New Pornographers but has now been making a serious name for herself as a solo artist. She has built up an cult-like following of devoted fans who flock like seagulls to see this fearless artist. All the reasons to go are in the incredible song bellow.

Sweater Beats & Falcons

Date: May 9

Venue: Cabaret Underworld

Genre: Indie Electronic/Booty Bounce

Why you're going: If you're familiar with Montreal's Kaytranada and artists like Ta-Ku from the LA label HW&W, then you'll understand the major appeal to their chilled out, ultra sexy beats. These two beat-smiths will fill up Underworld with what you think an underwater orgy would sound like. In other words it's going to be "niiiiiiice!"


Date: May 10

Venue: Le Belmont

Genre: Indie Electronic

Why you're going: Just as much a visual film show as a music show, Breton will showcase their incredible talents for all things artistic. This English band is touring in support of their latest album War Room Stories, and will be bringing an incredible live set for your eyes, your ears and your hearts.

Swollen Members

Date: May 10

Venue: Cabaret Underworld

Genre: Hip Hop

Why you're going: This platinum-selling Canadian hip hop group from Vancouver began putting out hard-hitting rap tracks back in 1992 and are back to bring you some dagger-like rhymes and hard-hitting beats. This show is going to be ultra energetic and full of blood, sweat and marijuana smoke. Don't miss it!


Date: May 13

Venue: Il Motore

Genre: Electronic

Why you're going: S O H N has created a sound that blends his haunting vocal stylings with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, mixing the worlds of old and new together to create a foundation for his tracks. Experimental, and incredible beautiful, S O H N's set will take you to a whole other place.

Steve Aoki

Date: May 16

Venue: New City Gas

Genre: Electric Dance Music

Why you're going: Ever gone to a DJ set and gotten a massive cake thrown into your face? Well clearly you haven't been to a Steve Aoki show. Get to that front row and you just might be in luck. The man is at once an incredibly-talented electronic producer, and knows how to get the party going with a room full of young happy ravers.

The Gaslamp Killer

Date: May 17

Venue:  Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Underground Hip Hop

Why you're going: LA’s William Bensussen, aka The Gaslamp Killer, is many things at once. The San Diego native is a bonafide one-off; an artist and human being that can never be repeated. With an unparalleled energy, the DJ, producer, promoter and curator brings a different level of performance and showmanship to electronic music. Underground banger after underground banger is what you can expect.


Date: May 18

Venue:  Société des Arts Technologiques

Genre: Electro House

Why you're going: It seems like only yesterday that MSTRKRFT's signature mix of electro, house, grime and bass sound exploded on to the airwaves. Their 2006 debut album The Looks was huge, so where have they been since? Probably getting ready for what is going to be one of their most legendary shows. Be ready!


Date: May 18

Venue:  Metropolis

Genre: Indie Rock

Why you're going: When dance music meets rock music, something nice usually happens, and in this case, it's 3-piece band Metronomy. With incredible catchy tunes and a talked-about live show, this is one that you'll definitely want to mark on your calendar.

Tegan and Sara

Date: May 24

Venue:  Metropolis

Genre: Indie Rock

Why you're going: Sisters Tegan and Sara's 13-year career has seen them build an avid global following of fans and fellow musicians alike. Their unique ability to bridge the pop and indie worlds has allowed their music to cross all traditional boundaries of genre. We all know these two sisters are a force to be reckoned with, now go see for yourself.

Kill the Zo (Mat Zo & Kill the Noise)

Date: May 30

Venue:  New City Gas

Genre: Electronic/Trance/Dubstep

Why you're going: These two world-renowned producers have received high praise in their respective genres, Mat Zo in trance and Kill the Noise in all kinds of bass music, but now that barrier is being crossed with this unlikely, yet incredible collaboration. What is a Kill the Zo show going to be like? No one knows, but with their respective collection of stand-out tracks, it's surely going to be something special.


Date: May 31

Venue:  Le Belmont

Genre: Trap Shit

Why you're going: This masked trap god emerged onto the scene back in 2012, taking the trap movement by storm with his haunting stripped-down productions. His identity may remain unknown, but his talent as a producer is unmatched, especially on his Trap Shit series, that just never seems to keep breaking the boundaries of what trap music can be. Expect some of that reeeeal trap shit son!


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