Here in Montreal we love our festivals. There's basically a festival for every single thing you could ever think of. But we all know what the best kinds of festivals are: FOOD! 

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Celebrating food is the honestly the best use of time, especially here in Montreal because we have some seriously amazing restaurants and chefs that are constantly making insane creations! 

You absolutely can't miss Montreal's last First Fridays street food festival of the season.

via @cuisinederue

The final edition of Les Premiers Vendredis for the entire season is happening on October 6th. They feature the best food trucks from Montreal and all over Quebec that serve up some crazy good foods! 

via @adriana.marquis

Enjoy some crazy poutines: 

via @heysarah_g

Enjoy some fried crepes: 

via @cuisinederue

Enjoy some lobster cones: 

via @mauudep

Enjoy some cheesy raclette: 

via @xbrybryy

And so much more: 

via @cuisinederue

Check out the Facebook event for more information. 

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