To be totally honest with you guys, there's nothing quite like grabbing a tasty dish from a food truck.

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I don't know if it's the novelty factor (or the fact that all of Montreal's food trucks are cool AF), but a bite of your fave from a food truck is legit unlike anything else.

And in Montreal, we truly understand the incredibly well-deserved hype surrounding food trucks. How well do we understand it? Well enough to host the country's largest street food festival.

Known as First Fridays, the festival takes place from May until October annually.

It's pretty much the country's largest gathering of food trucks, and it takes place at the Olympic Stadium's Esplanade Sun Life (4139 Pierre-de Coubertin Ave).

Taking place on September 2, beginning at 4:00 PM and ending at 11:00 PM, September's First Friday is an awesome way to kick off the fall season in Montreal. Plus, considering the festival will be over in October, you should totally seize this opportunity to go before it's over for the year.

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For more information about September's First Friday, check out their Facebook event page.

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