With all the places to see in Montreal, I think we can all agreed that it's a rather fabulous city. From the unique restaurants and bars to the countless things to do at any point in time, we are all fortunate to call this city our home. However, that doesn't mean that every now and again, we need to have a little escape from our day to day routine. 

Luckily for us, we can go on a trip to various cities of the globe without ever leaving Montreal

So many spots in our city will give you the illusion of being somewhere else, which is something many of us have been craving. 

From salons that feel like you're in Los Angeles, California to eateries that have you feeling like you've travelled to Marrakesh, Morocco, Montreal is truly full of surprises. 

Traveling is a passion of many of ours, but that doesn't mean we always all have the luxury to travel the globe whenever we please. 

But good news, there's no need to pack your bags or renew your passport for the spots below!

Karisma Taco Bar

The city you'll feel like you're in: Tulum, Mexico

Address: 114, ave. Laurier O., Montreal, QC 


For those of you craving the tropical vibes and flavours found in Mexico, you're going to want to check out Karisma Taco Bar.

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Caffettiera Caffé Bar

The city you'll feel like you're in: Rome, Italy

Address: 2055, rue Stanley, Montreal, QC 

This sleek and trendy cafe is one of the city's latest hangouts and everything about it screams "cool."

The vintage Italy ambiance will give you the feeling of being far, far away from home. 

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Le Hideout

The city you'll feel like you're in: Los Angeles, California

Address: 168, rue Ann, Montreal, QC


There are so many spots to get your nails done in the city, but there are not many that are as cool as Le Hideout, including the decor and staff. 

From the moment you walk in you will feel like you have entered the trendiest of spots in LA.



Square Saint-Louis

The city you'll feel like you're in: New York City, NY

Where: rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC


Square St-Louis is one of those Montreal spots that will transport you to a different city.

Personally, the park reminds me of Bryant Park in New York City, which is one of the most loved parks in all of Manhattan! 



The city you'll feel like you're in: Ankara, Turkey

Address: 1201, ave. Van Horne, Montreal, QC


Not only will the food served at this eatery blow you away, but the phenomenal Persian-inspired decor will leave you feeling like you're dining in the Middle East! 


Salon Mogador

The city you'll feel like you're in: Marrakesh, Morocco 

Address: 310, rue Beaubien E., Montreal, QC


Marrakesh has always been on my travel bucket list, however, the closest I have gotten is noshing on amazing foods at Salon Mogador.

From the flavours to the ambiance, everything about this spot will transport you all the way to Morocco. 



Terrasse Shā Tān

The city you'll feel like you're in: Zigong, China

Where: Chinatown, Montreal, QC


Montreal's Chinatown always has a special vibe to it.

It's new outdoor terrasse, named Terrasse Shā Tān, makes you feel as though you've made it to Zigong, China during the latern festival.


Rue St-Paul

The city you'll feel like you're in: Geneva, Switzerland

Where: Old Montreal, Montreal, QC


We all know that Old Montreal exudes a certain European charm, but rue St-Paul truly takes the cake. 

It has major Geneva vibes, which will leave you feeling like you're walking down streets in Switzerland.

Mythos Ouzeri Estiatorio Restaurant

The city you'll feel like you're in: Ios, Greece

Address: 5318, ave du Parc, Montreal, QC


Yes, the food will transport you to the Greek islands however, it's live music and lively energy that'll leave you feeling like you're dining in Ios.


Enjoy your no-passport-required trip!

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