• If you've been looking for a place to chill and also do some climbing in Montreal, look no further than the all-new Café Bloc.
  • The gym and cafe is also has a dry sauna.
  • Climbing is open to all skill levels and student pricing is available.

There is a brand new indoor rock climbing gym that has opened its doors in downtown Montreal. Café Bloc is the latest eco-friendly gym for climbing in Montreal. But unlike some of its (friendly) competitors, this space is dedicated wholely to a "spirit of community that unites." What does that mean? Café Bloc has jumped on the business bandwagon trend of creating spaces that include more than just one selling point. And that is a great thing.

Want to have a drink and then practice your rock climbing skills? Want to study in a relaxed space and then check in with an osteopath? Feel like a dry sauna before you order from the cafe menu? Cool, Café Bloc has you covered for all of that and more. 

The space is over 4,000 square feet of climbing walls. There are no ropes, belays, or harnesses needed; just the knowledge that there is a thick carpet standing between you and the floor should you fall. Surprisingly, that's all you need. 

It doesn't matter if the only rock you have ever climbed is lengthy meander up Mount Royal, or you are already a seasoned professional. The walls are made for all skill levels.  

The owners and climbing enthusiasts, Jean-François Gravel and Sébastien Aubé, have really thought of everything to make this the ultimate and easiest way to get your rock climbing in. 

Café Bloc is just a few steps from the St-Laurent metro station. Everything you could need is available in-store, you can even rent climbing shoes without making an investment or rent towels for the sauna. 

The café itself will have a simple and healthy food menu, an assortment of microbrews, along with all the usual coffee options. 

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There are also plans to open up a green roof terrasse in the warmer months, complete with more lounge space in the form of hammocks, a slackline to practice your balance, and outdoor climbing courses. 

The indoor wall's climbing holds are constantly changed, so no matter how many times you go you will still be challenged. 

There are many different and reasonable pricing options to choose from.

Drop-ins start at $20 and monthly passes at $78 (students at $66). And there are also week-long introductions ($28) that are handy for newbies.

Indoor Rock Climbing at Café Bloc

Where: 1209-1211, blvd. St-Laurent

Cost: Starting at $20


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