This month, one of the most breathtakingly mystical locations on the island got even more magical. The Montreal Botanical Garden's annual Garden of Light comes to an end this Halloween.

This year, the Chinese Garden "[paid] tribute to the Chinese people who live by the country’s seas or rivers."

The lanterns "tell a tale inspired by Shan Hai Jing, a famous collector of ancient legends." This garden represents a powerful and harmonious journey that you will never want to end.

The Japanese Garden "[pays] close attention to the cycle of seasons, taking the time to admire the subtly spectacular changes that occur throughout nature."

The soft lighting allows the plants to reveal their stunning "textures and colours" while emphasizing the magnitude and sophistication of guests’ surroundings.

As fall settles in, let yourself be taken through a scenic and peaceful garden, sure to remove your mind from all your stress and worries.

Last but not least, the First Nations Garden joins the line-up with an equally magical exhibit.

From the illumination of the Sacred Tree to the variety of colours meant to represent the circle of life, this garden takes you on a trip through nature’s constant and inspiring changes.

The projections of fire combined with the sounds of Mother Earth's beating heart will elevate your spirit to new heights.  

This journey is unlike anything else in the city and you will not regret going before it ends.

Just make sure you dress appropriately, as this is an outdoor event. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket, it’s Montreal, you never know when you will need one!    

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Garden of Light at the Montreal Botanical Garden

What: Lantern installations and projections across 3 different cultural gardens

Where: Montreal Botanical Garden, 4101 rue Sherbrooke E. 

When: Friday, September 6 to Thursday, October 31, 2019; 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.

For more details head to their website right here.

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