• With Hérol in Trois-Rivières, perhaps the scariest haunted house in the province, you can live out a horror movie.
  • Actors will chase you through the woods, force you to eat insects, electrocute you, and bury you alive.
  • The safe phrase is "I want my teddy!"

You're scared. Alone. Lost in the woods, you can hear only two things: the jaggedness of your own breath caught in the hood tied over your head, and the rustle of leaves letting you know you someone is trying to find you. And not a good someone, but someone who wants to feed you insects, humiliate and psychologically torture you, and push you to test the terrifying limits of your own fear. 

And hey, you paid for the experience! Quebec company Hérole has created a 5-10 hour real-life, horror experience the likes of which you've never seen before. It might be the scariest haunted house in the province.

The Night of Horror is like being trapped in a horror movie, complete with evolving script based on participants' actions.  There are 60 actors on hand that lead you through the storyline of The Legend of the Skinned; the story of a blood-soaked, skinned ghost who roams an area where there has been a spate of mysterious disappearances. You are there to investigate. 

Depending on the package you choose, actors have the right to scream at you, kidnap you, isolate you from your friends, bury you alive, lock you in a small space, force you to eat disgusting things — and if that doesn't get your adrenaline pumping there is always the option of electric shocks. 

The experience is so intense it comes with its own safeword. This is seriously a night in Hell. 

There are four packages to choose from depending on your level of insanity. 

The Yellow Shirt experience is only for five hours but you will be immersed in the same action and storyline as the others.  Get prepared to be jostled, separated from your friends, tied up, screamed at, chased, and locked in a small space. 

The Red Shirts get a full ten hours of torture complete with all of the above along with the added bonuses of eating insects, electric shock, a severe torment and a splash of blood. 

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The Black Shirt package is the most intense package of the bunch, tailored specifically to your worst nightmares. After filling out a questionnaire, a storyline of suffering is created just for you. Fun!

Don't worry, if you're more into watching than partaking, the Green Shirt package is for you. The actors won't be able to interact with you but you will be able to watch the abuse dealt to participants. The perfect gift for any masochist. 

If it all becomes too much, there are only four little words you have to scream, "I want my teddy!" 

That's your safe phrase. The actors will stop immediately and you'll be sent to a safe space until you are comfortable enough to get back in on the action. 

I like a little fear in my life, but this is a whole new level of terrifying. I want my teddy. 

A Night of Horror at Hérole

WHEN: September 14 and 28 

WHERE: 1295 Chemin des Pins, Trois-Rivières


Green Shirt Package: $ 49.99
Yellow Shirt Package: $ 124.99 
Red Shirt Package: $ 199.99 
Black Shirt Package: $ 399.99


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