With the rise in popularity of kombucha over the years,  it was only a matter of time until there was a festival dedicated solely to the fermented drink

And this August 23rd to the 25th is that time. Boochfest is coming to Montreal - a two-day spotlight on all things kombucha related. 

This is the second year in a row for Boochfest to hit Montreal. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of the drink or not, Boochfest has a lineup of local Montreal musicians and a slew of other activities that will make it worthwhile. 

Kombucha is a fermented, sweetened black or green tea drink that has a unique (for lack of a better word) and very specific flavour. It's definitely a love it or hate it beverage. 

But if you are a fan of the drink and actually make your own kombucha at home, you're invited to take part in the World Homemade Kombucha Competition. Competitors come from around the world to compete for the crown of best homebrew. It's the biggest event of its kind!

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Don't know how to make your own? That's ok, Boochfest will teach you. They have classes to teach you the brewing art and will even supply you with a kit so you can start making your own at home.

All the big names in the industry will be there like Y Kombucha, RISE, Island Fools, GT, Gutsy, LAO and Humm. So you will be able to sample to your heart's content.

The festival isn't solely focused on the drink, though they have workshops featuring everything anyone could ever need to know about creating kombucha, fermenting your kombucha, and scaling your kombucha business. It also features the lifestyle that is associated with it; think music, yoga, and healthy food.

Boochfest: Kombucha Festival

WHEN: Friday, August 23rd from 7PM - 10PM

Saturday & Sunday, August 24th & 25th from 10AM - 4PM

WHERE: 285 Rue Gary-Carter; Jarry Park

COST: Free if you sign up now. Or $10 at the door.

          $55 for the Ultimate kombucha experience


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