There is one Halloween event in Montreal that is not to be missed. It has brought thousands of dedicated movie fans to a theatre in Quartier des Spectacles year after year to show off their cult favourite knowledge.  

Yes, the countdown begins until the official Montreal screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (RHPS). For three nights only you can take part in attending one of America's cult classics in the largets RHPS event in North America on October 31 and November 1 and 2. 

There will be six shows in total held at the Cinéma Impérial inside Place-des-Arts. You can catch the 7:30 p.m. show or, if you're more of a creature of the night, the 11 p.m. show any of the nights. 

This is an amazing "event" (for lack of a better word) and the only place in Montreal that shows the cult classic on-screen and has a live troupe on stage. Yep, this is an immersive experience where attendees are expected to dress up, yell at the screen, throw props, and break out in dance. But even if you just want to watch, it's "really a place to be who you want to be."  


The shows are hosted by the wonderful Tranna Wintour who will bring out the best in audience participation and will also host the costume contest.

So what should you wear? The answer is really 'anything' — you do you. But most people like to dress up as characters from the movie. Or hey guys and girls, "it's perfectly ok to just throw on your sluttiest lingerie." But if you really want to get serious, check out the Anal Retentive Costume List

A major part of the experience is the callouts — where the audience yells out a phrase in response to the movie's lines. If you hear the name Brad, audience members yell "asshole" and if you hear Janet's name you yell out "slut." You won't be shushed once in this theatre. Think loud. Stand up, scream with passion and conviction. It's all part of it.

For those newbies out there, here is the full list of call outs, check out the Playbill's Virgin's Guide to Rocky Horror Callouts.  

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There are a few items you may also want to have with you like a small water gun (to use when Brad and Janet walk in the rain), a newspaper (to use when Janet does), toilet paper (to throw when Rocky's bandages are taken off), and toast (to throw when Frank proposes a toast). 

Yep, props are all a part of the experience too. Just make sure not to throw things at the stage or the screen, just into the audience. 

And of course what would RHPS be without dancing to the "Time Warp"? If you don't know the moves or need a bit of a refresher, check out the "Time Warp" at last year's Pride:

Even if you're not a lover of Rocky Horror (gasp!), it's a once a year experience that will keep you entertained and more than worth the cost of admission. 

Watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show 

When: October 31, November 1, 2; 7:30 p.m. & 11 p.m.

Where: 1430 Bleury; Cinéma Impérial

Cost: Advance price: $19.95; Door price: $21.95


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