When you think of board games, you probably think of Monopoly. And for good reason — it's one of the most popular board games of all time. But now you can get a Montreal version of the game night classic.

For a limited time, you can purchase Montréal-opoly exclusively at Walmart Canada or on the website for $29.23.

You can also get versions for other big cities, like Toronto and Vancouver, as well as some smaller Canadian cities. Even Yellowknife!

There are Monopoly versions of places in all provinces and territories, except for Nunavut.

But considering how popular the others are, you never know. Maybe we'll see Iqaluit-opoly by next summer.

I think that's actually quite fitting seeing as though people call Canadian money Monopoly money, after all.

Wondering which classic Montreal spots you can purchase? The board includes all of your favourite spots on the island, including Old Montreal, Parc Jean-Drapeau, and the Eaton Centre.

It even includes some of Montreal's famous festivals like Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs.

And to make it really Montreal-esque, you don't go to jail. Nope, instead you land on the "Traffic Jam" square.

Just imagine what the chance cards might say...

And yes, to answer the question I'm sure you're asking: Yes, it is written in both French and English.

If you've ever thought about how long a standard game of Monopoly takes, according to Wikipedia, it should take you anywhere between 20-180 minutes.

Kinda like a drive around Montreal.

Might take you 20 minutes. Might take you 3 hours. You never know.

So, whether it's family game night, nights up north, or just a night in, get your copy of the classic board game with our Montreal spin for a night not only of fun, but of celebrating our love for our city.

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