There is something special about escaping reality and entering a world of illusion that people simply love.  

There is a reason why there is such a large fan base that surrounds franchises that create a world for us to be part of.   Harry Potter is one of those franchises and probably one of the most popular and loved of them all.

Harry Potter is a world filled with fantasy and wizardry that has ignited the imaginations of individuals around the globe.  

And this November, you have the opportunity to dive into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as Montreal turns into a Hogwarts fantasy with the announcement of a Wizard-inspired beer and cider festival. 

This event will be jam-packed with everything you can imagine. There will be an abundance of beer and cider as well as a slew of festive cocktails.  

There will also be an unlimited tasting of Hagrid's Local craft brews and Dumbledore’s mouth-watering ciders.  

The insanity doesn’t end there! Also included in this event is great food options, a live DJ and a live band. There will be prized trivia, cornhole and of course, Quidditch!   

The event is also jam-packed with magical and inspiring Instagram worthy photo opportunities which will be sure to add a little magic to your feed.

This epic event is being brought to our city by LOL Event Group. They will be in Vancouver on October 5 and in Toronto on October 11, 2019.  

Then, on November 15th, 2019, they'll finally be in Montreal and it will be our turn to get magical.

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This is an opportunity to indulge yourself while entering a world you have always wanted to be part of and it is also something fun and different to partake in as the cold weather starts to hit.  

Their site also mentions "specialty-themed alcoholic Butter Beer" and at Snape's Lounge you can get "Polyjuice potion and Liquid Luck shots."

Plus, food, "magical photo opportunities, live music from DJ Dobby and the Potter Party Band," and prized trivia.

The event is 19+.

Wizard-Inspired Beer, Cider, and Cocktail Festival Tour

When: Friday, November 15th, 2019

Where: TBA.

Cost: Tickets for the Vancouver event were $55, Toronto prices were $49. Montreal prices TBA.

Costumes are encouraged!

If this is something you are dying to check out this amazing event, make sure to join the waitlist by visiting their website!

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