We're at the end of summer and though it may seem that everyone is in Greece while you're stuck at work, (seriously though, was there a discount on flights no one told me about?) not all hope is gone! 

Sure, maybe you can't go to Greece, but that certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't take a vacation. With the construction holiday fast approaching for most, now's the perfect time to book a wonderful summer getaway minus the international flight! 

You might think going up North is reserved for those of us who love winter sports, but you'd be dead wrong. Northern Quebec in the summer is a veritable Eden with plenty of lakes, rivers, forests, and many more wonderful things to discover. When in Eden, you need to stay in a place that comes out of a fairy tale.

This adorable forest cottage listed on Airbnb is exactly that fairy tale dream you're looking for! Located in the sleepy village of Val-David, this home is a converted windmill attached to a tiny wooden house. It's just as cute as it sounds. 

With two wood-burning fireplaces, two bedrooms, a private river in the backyard, and room for 4 guests, you should make this remarkable little place where you spend your next vacation! 

Visiting with friends might make you fight over who gets to stay in the windmill room but no matter where you sleep, the cottage is full of charm. Staying here is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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Val-David is a village in the Laurentian mountains that's full of things to explore. From lakes to huge nature parks, it's a nature lover's paradise. 

If you can't stand the great outdoors, you won't be bored staying in this cottage! The wooden house is like a warm hug and you'll seldom want to leave its embrace.

With a private lake in the backyard, bring your swimsuits and get your tan on. Located in a serene area of Northern Quebec, you're sure to be the envy of your friend's Instagram stories!

Val-David is only a two-hour drive away from Montreal and is located in the most pristine region of the Laurentian mountains. 

At only $72 per night (subject to change), your Val-David vacation will not only be magical but super affordable! What are you waiting for? Book below!

To have an unforgettable summer adventure, book this adorable little windmill cottage today! 

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