A moment in time is rarely dominated by a single image or idea. Flooded by all forms of media, technology, and our own fast-paced lifestyle, modern reality has become a mish-mash of influences, all overlapped. Our perceptions are dominated by layers of influences, a feature of modern existence Montreal's Chantal Lefebvre features in many of her artistic works.

Graphic designer, illustrator, collage artist and avid photo-taker, Lefebvre calls Montreal home. Specializing in hand-drawn typography, digital and traditional collages, and photography, Lefebvre incorporates many different elements into one piece, making them visually and thematically layered.

For a peek into Lefebvre's work, take a look below.

To see more of Chantal Lefebvre's work, SURF her website, FOLLOW her on Twitter, and LIKE her Facebook page.

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