Honestly, one of my fave things about Montreal's Old Port is those cute cobblestone streets. (I mean, unless I'm in heels, but when that happens I'm just mad at the world so it doesn't exactly count).

There's just something so adorably charming about walking on old school cobblestone. Those of us who know the feeling know how awesome it is; and those of us who have yet to experience that cobblestone life might be a little out of luck unless we've ventured into the Old Port.

Until now, that is. Walking around, we've recently stumbled upon an adorable hidden street in Montreal's Plateau that's adorably made up of cobblestone.

Reminiscent of Montreal's Old Port, Place Roy, on Roy and Sainte Christophe, is tucked away in the Plateau. It's got all the charm and cuteness of the Old Port, though, making it the perfect spot to stroll down with a date.

Best part? This spot is situated right next to L'Gros Luxe (3807 Rue Saint-André), so you can go and have a sick meal and take a gorgeous stroll right after.

Photo cred - MTL Blog

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