Friends, pho is life. There's nothing quite like slurping on a flavourful, fragrant spoonful of broth, vermicelli, and veggies... Honestly, I think it's one of the best feelings in life.

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Scratch that, actually. One of the best feelings in life is finding a bowl of pho that you just can't get enough of; one that hits your "perfect pho" criteria, and then some.

If you've ever had this euphoric moment, then you know. But if you haven't? Well, friend, I feel a little sorry for you.

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No worries, though, because one Montreal pho spot has got you covered.

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Pho Ong Rau (300 Rue Jarry E) is a fairly recent restaurant in Montreal's Villeray.

They've got about 10 different types of pho on their menu, including Tai Sach (pho with rare beef and tripe), Bo Vien (pho with meatballs), and Dac Biet (rare beef, fatty flanks, tripes, meatballs, and tendons).

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But if you're not feeling pho? No worries. They've got tons of other options on their menu as well, like steamed dumplings, steamed rice or vermicelli dishes, lemongrass chicken and beef, and much, much more.

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If this sounds like the perfect spot to satisfy that pho crave, then check out their website for more information.

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