The web series that gives 14 advertisers from different quebec agencies two days to come up with an original, creative and catchy ad campaign. La Grande Idée is a web series that lets you take a look behind the scenes on the creative process of publicity and all that it entails.

The main goal of the project is to encourage Montrealers to eat more local products. The two main reasons are to get our own economy rolling and also promote the freshness of the great food thats available to us right here in our own province.  So the task was given to the 14 advertisers to split in to two groups and for the next 48 hours, create a real ad campaign for l'Équiterre. This unique experiment will be an eight episode serie made possible by Infopresse Télé in partnership with Cogeco Métromédia and produced by 1One productions. You can catch the show only through the site as of September 13th 2013. All eight episodes will be available for your viewing pleasure.

So a group of  eight strangers between the ages of 25 and 35 are put together in a race against the clock to create an entire ad campaign. They will have to dissect each others visions and ideas to come up with the one and only Big Idea.

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