Potterheads, rejoice! 

It's nearly March, and that means Nuit Blanche is coming! 

Last year, Lockhart Bar opened up their Montreal location and officially put us on the Wizarding World map!

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The magical staff at Lockhart are keeping the bar open late this weekend for Nuit Blanche this Saturday. 

Lockhart bar will be open from 9 PM to 5 AM, pulling an all-night party for the witches and wizards of Montreal - muggles also welcome. 

For just $6 plus taxes you can spend the night at Montreal's famed Wizard watering hole. Admission gets you a small meal or mocktail - and allows you to participate in their Wand Making workshops. 

Yup -  you can make your own Magic Wand, this Saturday night!

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So why not ditch the cold for this year's Nuit Blanche, and cosy up on the heated terrace and enjoy free roasted marshmallows and Butter Beer samples. Brunch options will also be available as of 1 AM.

The Lockhart is at 3979 St-Denis St, Montreal. 

Find more information here. 

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