It's a sad reality we have to accept.

Summer is over.

That means we can say goodbye to t-shirt weather, iced coffees, summer dresses (sigh), terrasses, swimming pools and of course aquatic obstacles courses.

Wait, I take that back. At least the part about the pools and the obstacle courses.

It may be cold outside, but that's just means we'll have to swim indoors. And if you thought Montreal didn't have a suitable indoor swimming facility, prepare to have your mind blown.

Every Sunday the Olympic pools get transformed into a massive indoor inflatable aquatic playground full of challenges for you to conquer.

It's called Wibit, and it's everything you love about Aquazilla, only indoors.

A ticket gets you 70 non-stop minutes of access to the structure. and once your turn is over, you are free to enjoy the rest of the pool for as long as you want.

Ticket Cost:

  • Adults - $10.44
  • Children - $8.48
  • 10 visits - $77.84

Check out Parc Olympique's Website for more information.

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